Sunday, March 14, 2010

how to solve the problems?

to solve problems that occur among teenagers, teenagers need the attitude of change. if the teenagers can change their attitudes by selecting a good friend. they will not be trapped in social problems. preferred partners who will help them correct the social ills such as smoking, drug abuse, dumping baby and etc. religion can help in solving this social problem. if a person obey the commands of their religion will not necessarily have been running into problems because of social fear of the Lord replies. therefore, a good friend and loyal order of god can guide mankind to follow the truth, and not to go the wrong way. in other words, a good selection will help prevent social problems in the teenagers themselves.



East_prince said...
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East_prince said...

I agree with the Farid opinion, but that the problem is, young adults are currently difficult to change. This is because many external influences that instigates them. Hence, monitoring of the parents and family is important. Parents should monitor their children and not expect the salary only. Most parents busy pursuing wealth alone. They give a hundred percent to the salary. All requirements of the children they care. This is the case of causing social ills among teenagers.

Hanaffi Bin Ibrahim (A122643)

East_prince said...

I agree with you farid, but also problems arising from teenage free association without parental supervision. if parents control their children I believe that social problems among youth can be prevented. therefore, parents must be to guard the children.


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why your language very bad??? broken English please check your grammar. hard to me to understand

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i did,nt understand what are you talking about....please check your grammar

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