Saturday, March 6, 2010

How Social Problem Among Teenagers affect on society ?

Firstly, we can look at the bad effect of teens social problem on their own. There are so many bad effect to involved teens in this sympthom based on our discussion before this. Hence, there's nothing impossible this issue will also give bad effect to society. To prove it, society is now no longer safe and secure on their living impact of teens social cases such as robbery, stealing, snatch and etc. Peoples will feel uncomfortable in live even in their own home. Secondly is vendalism among teenagers such as broken down public phones, bus stop, and etc can affect on society when the facilities is can't be use when it is needed. Besides that, if we look at illegal race problem, it is affect to society with involved so many people in dangerous situation when they do their rutine (illegal race). It is also give disturbed to society or community with their too noisy sound of vehicle that they use to race. Based on these statement, it is clear that the teenagers social problem are affecting societies

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