Sunday, March 7, 2010

How social problem among teenagers effect on society

A broad spectrum of character and moral crisis continued to spread, and spread in our society especially among teenagers. Of the cases bohsia, pregnant out of wedlock offspring followed by disposal in the trash, abuse, gengsterisme and vandalism, rape, incest, drug addiction, until the mat rempit. If this happens, our teenagers will be regarded as a poor youth, no self-esteem and so forth.

This makes our society will also be regarded by societies and humiliated by others. it will affect the poor in public life. moreover, parents will also have a bad impact in the community from their behavior. For example, if their daughter pregnant out of wedlock, society will make their parents as a target for degraded. Their parent will shame seen askew by societies because they will not know the care of their childrens.This makes people fight.




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