Thursday, February 25, 2010

reasons that teenagers involved in social problems

social disease has existed among teenagers regardless of past or present. technology development has worsened the situation further. for me, why this problem only on the social attitudes of individuals involved. much he wanted to be a good he would be good and bad but he wants he will do so also. attitudes play a role here. although parents have to guide, but if the child is not in accordance with the requirements of parents then he will also be involved in this social problem. children have such good behavior in front of his parents behind, but they are involved with this social problem. besides, the development of this technology has led teenagers involved in social problems. for example through chat sites, they meet a friend without knowing whether they are good or not. chat sites has also led to much fraud occurs. problems that occur among the cases such as rape, money fraud, identity fraud and so forth. So, in attitude and use of technology has impact on youth.



East_prince said...

I agree with you farid, i think social problem happens today came from tecnology. This is because if teenagers saw the movie with have violent elements, they esay to making this happens in real situation.


East_prince said...

ya thanks... as you say,technology is indeed able to control our actions. Therefore, family need to keep young people from this trapped in this social problem.

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