Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Act Of Social Problems Among Teenagers

To all of who have viewed this blog, you can see the act of social problems that happened among teenagers for nowadays. Before this, we've talked about its meaning without define or give the evidence about the acts of social problems is really happened. Actually There are so many acts for this issue such as illegal race, smoking pupils, truancy or staying away from school without permission, drug abuse, and etc. With this post, I've clipped several of pictures to prove the acts of social problems was really happened among teenagers.


East_prince said...

Based on these pictures, many social ills that occur in Malaysia engage youth. Based on the pictures above social ills affecting young people such as mat rempit, truancy, smoking, and many more symptoms social involving young adults now. Now people began to blame all of them. All not liable for what has happened to people playing this game our country.

Hanaffi Bin Ibrahim (A122643)

East_prince said...

wow ...!! if true what you said and seen in pictures, this will invite problems in the future country. I think that will certainly increase occurred from days cases involving youth. this matter should be dealt with immediately by society and not handed over to the police or school only.


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