Tuesday, February 23, 2010

reasons that teenagers involved in social problems

At present social ills has become an issue of concern. This phenomenon exists in almost all countries and included our own country. Mostly those involved in the symptoms that are not healthy is composed of youth and young adults, no matter man or woman who has reasons such as less attention from family and consists of the aggressive nature, bold and wild. However, the causes occurrence of symptoms is still a question for some people. So, I'm going to share some opinions from many people that I heard. There are several causes of social problem can happen especially on teenagers. It is because of The influence of peers,attitude of family in educating their children,the influence of mass media, and parents who are too shackles their children. Such sources need to be signed to reduce problem with symptoms that are unhealthy. Social ills not only because of parents but can be associated with the progress we have achieved at present. However, as a parents it is necessary to control their children and give them love and guidance that are useful to their children who become useful in the eyes of society.

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